Sunday, October 14, 2012

A New Hobby...

Last week, the U was on Fall Break, which means Kyle and I (and the fish) packed our bags and headed down to lovely St. George. Besides being about ten degrees warmer (which is always appreciated) we get to spend time with Kyle’s family. As an added bonus Conference was on while we were down and nothing beats watching Conference in your jammies while eating cinnamon rolls and knowing that you have a full week off from any type of responsibility.

It was also a great week for a couple of other reasons:

1: Kyle was able to finish all of his secondary applications for med school. Now we just get to wait and see which schools want interviews!

2: Paul (mi papa-in-law) finally got a knee replacement and while it’s a painful road to recovery he was on enough pain medication to make every hospital visit pretty funny.

3: I got a sewing machine and actually made a quilt. Yes, you read that correctly, a real quilt.

I’m not lying when I say that I have a Pinterest addiction. Not only are there amazing recipes on there but there are so many craft ideas I just want to try them all. The only problem (aside from the endless amounts of money that I would like to have) was that many of them required some kind of sewing. Since hand sewing is not something I have hours to spend on (remember, I have a Pinterest addiction that needs satisfying) learning how to sew on an actual machine seemed reasonable. Except for the fact that I’ve never even touched one and they used to scare me.

Well, I told Julie (mi mama-in-law) and she set right to teaching me how. Of course there was this adorable picture of a puff quilt that I had seen on Pinterest from Honey Bear Lane (here’s a link to some of her awesome puff quilts

 It took me the whole week but I think it came out really cute!

Yeah, those individual puffs took me forever.

Tomorrow after work I'll head over to a fabric shop to pick up some more fabric. I think my next quilt will be a brown and cream one. This could be my newest addiction.

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